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DFW Among Top US Cities with Most 6-Figure Salaries

DFW Among Top US Cities with Most 6-Figure Salaries

July 15, 2019

There's an adage: Competition breeds excellence.  That 'excellence', in this case, means companies are willing to provide top-tier salaries for top-notch talent, especially since the US job market is tight and very competitive.  It's all about 'supply and demand' and offering salaries at, and beyond, $100,000 a year for coveted employees.

Ladder is a career site which provides news and advice concerning the availability of high-quality jobs, job recruiters, the wealthiest people in America, and much more.  Ladder tells us that when it comes to ranking the top US cities which offer the most available $100K+ jobs, Dallas ranked 7th in the US – as of September 2018.  

During that time, the top rankings included 15 US cities which, collectively, offered almost 167,000 job positions in the six-figure category.  Below, are the number of $100K+ jobs that were available for each city: 

1…..San Francisco:  28,560

2…..New York:  24,068

3…..Washington DC:  17,366  

4…..Boston:  13,968

5…..Los Angeles:  13,394

6…..Chicago:  11,485

7…..Dallas-Fort Worth:  9,119

8…..Philadelphia:  8,992

9…..Atlanta:  7,990

10….Seattle:  7,156

11….Denver:  5,802

12….Houston:  5,032

13….St. Paul:  4,790

14….San Diego:  4,269

15….Phoenix:  4,117

It should be noted that those cities that ranked higher than DFW, as of September 2018, all had higher costs-of-living which translated into companies being willing to offer more for talented employees.  Also, out of DFW's 9,119 available jobs, 4,174 jobs were in Technology, 1,102 were in Sales and Business Development, and 674 were in Health Care. 

US Companies that Pay Out the Most $100K+ Jobs

As might be expected, technology-related firms are among the leaders with providing generous, six-figure salaries.  The figures below, indicate companies and their respective September 2018 job postings for $100K+ positions, in the US:

1…..Spectrum:  1,017 

2…..Amazon:  974

3…..Facebook:  865

4…..HCA:  757

5…..Banfied Pet Hospital:  774

6…..United Technologies:  767

7…..Apple:  759

8…..Infosys:  724

9…..Wipro Technologies:  711

10….Jones Lang Lasalle:  689

11….Capital One:  671

12….Booz Allen Hamilton:  663

13….General Electric:  641

14….Google:  612

15….Raytheon:  612 

Dallas-based Companies that Pay Out the Most $100K+ Jobs

Again, as of September 2018, health-care, technology, and consultancy jobs topped the list that included $100K salaries for Dallas-based companies.  At that time, the top-10 companies and their number of available $100K+ salaries included:  

1…..UT Southwestern Medical Center:  345

2…..KPMG:  155

3…..L-3 Technologies:  128

4…..PricewaterhouseCoopers:  121

5…..Citigroup:  114 

6…..Cynet Systems:  104

7…..DXC Technology:  97

8…..Sabre Holdings:  96

9…..NTT Data:  92

10…Health Care Service Corp:  90 

Though Exxon is the largest public company headquartered in DFW, it didn't rank on the list, above, but as an interesting side note:  Exxon Mobil Corp's median salary came in at about $161,562 a year.  

Ladder's CEO, Mark Cenedella, has high praise for Dallas – he states:  “Dallas is the shining gem of the current American jobs market.  The city has impressive amounts of tech openings and a breadth of other high-profile businesses.  Dallas is a fierce competitor, sure to make the top-five, out of the top US cities that provide six-figure salaries, very soon!”

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