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The Best Things About Living In Texas

The Best Things About Living In Texas

July 30, 2019

Whether one is involved in the busyness and excitement of raising a family or whether one is looking forward to blissful retirement, it matters a lot where one calls home.  One research company, GoodCall,   analyzed 509 US cities to determine its top-ten that would qualify as among the best places to purchase a forever home.  Cities from Massachusetts to Hawaii were intensely researched where factors such as affordability, crime rate, home values, educational levels, and other determiners were highlighted. 

GoodCall's data indicates that the majority of locations that ranked very high fell in the South and Southwest US.  GoodCall placed Texas in the forefront since six cities, out of GoodCall's top-ten, are located in the Lone Star State!  GoodCall went on to say the following:  “Texas is the place to go if you're looking to settle in for the long haul”.  

One of the six Texas cities that ranked among GoodCall's top-ten was Frisco which garnered the #3 position.  It is here, where residents savor community spirit, safety, and small-town charm while relishing the excitement and diversity of the Dallas Metroplex.  Frisco has been dubbed, “Texas' Rising Star” due to its world-class art, sports, and shopping venues.

And when it comes to Texas, as a whole, there exists a slew of 'best things' about living in the Lone Star State that are certainly, notable.  Here are only a handful:

Texas' Employment and Economy

Joel Kotkin, professor of urban development at Chapman University in Orange, California tells us:  “The main reason people move to Texas is for employment.  It's pretty simple – unconventional oil and gas boom has helped turn Texas into an economic juggernaut as well as employment and economic growth embedding itself in tech, manufacturing, and business services. 

Texas has an abundance of high-wage, blue-collar jobs as well as jobs for university grads.  The state is known for its strong, diversified economy where continued economic growth and expansion create robust job opportunities.  Job availability is only one reason Texas possesses many of the fastest-growing US cities.  Texas has become the main location of many leading American and global companies with Google, Amazon, Toyota, and Apple representing only the tip of the economic iceberg – the influx of corporations continues.  According to Forbes, the cost of doing business in Texas is 11.2% below the national average, as of November 2018.  

The Texas economy is the 2nd- largest in the US.  The Texas State Comptroller's Office and the International Monetary Fund and Bureau of Economic Analysis tells us that if the Lone Star State were a sovereign country, it would be the 10th largest economy in the entire world, by GDP!

Texas leads the country in unemployment while job gains remain strong.  According to the Dallas Morning News, Texas added more than 250,000 seasonally-adjusted jobs in 2018.  The Wells Fargo Economic Group report states:  “Texas job growth contrasts many parts of the nation where job growth is decelerating”.  In fact, Julian Alvarez – TWC Commissioner Representing Labor – stated that it was in 2017 when Texas experienced record-level job creation numbers.  Alvarez added: “Positive economic growth in Texas means continued and ample job opportunities for Texas' expanding labor force.” 

Texas' Housing  

Compared to many other states, land is less expensive in Texas and there is a greater abundance of available land, this according to Dr. Ali Anari, Research Economist at the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University.  Here is more interesting insight:

*** Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation's 2Q-2018 indicated: The overall housing affordability in Texas was positive for all home-buyers and first-time buyers.  

*** Lending Tree, in May of 2019, named Dallas as the #2 'Most Affordable Housing Market' for middle-class families, across the country.  Lending Tree analyzed housing affordability in the nation's 50-largest metros. 

***  The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated that, by 2050, 20 million people who used to live in California will have gradually moved to Texas due to Texas' more-affordable housing market.  The Office of the State Demographer for Texas indicates that housing costs in Texas are 54% less than in California.

Texas' Taxes

Residents in Texas and six other states pay no personal state income tax.  On the business side of the tax coin, tax incentives are appealing.  Compared to most states, business taxes are extremely low in Texas. This gives companies two, distinct competitive advantages by being located in Texas:  1) businesses keep more of their profits and 2) businesses can recruit top talent more easily by touting the lack of personal income taxes.  

In some cases, the business tax rate will drop to zero if business revenues to not exceed certain thresholds.  This is great news for smaller, new businesses just starting out.  The Tax Foundation, a conservative-leaning research group, ranks Texas as 9th-best on its State Business Tax Climate Index.  

Texas' Beaches and Water Entertainment  

Texas has any type of topography that would appeal to anyone – beaches, mountains, desert and flat land – home to agriculture, oil wells, cattle ranches, and vacation getaways.  The state's beaches are a huge draw that offer hundreds of miles of sand along the Gulf Coast.  

If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you may not have ocean beaches, but families can take in some of the best water entertainment at various locales:  Burger's Lake in Fort Worth, White Rock Lake in Dallas, Joe Pool  Lake in DFW and Grapevine Lake, just northwest of Dallas.  But residents in Texas can, also, take in an ocean beach retreat and hit the Gulf of Mexico.  A popular seaside destination for those who live in DFW is Galveston – a beautiful island city just off the coast of Texas and only 270 miles away only! 

Whether you want to kayak, build sandcastles, or go deep-sea fishing, more than 350 miles of salt-water shoreline beckon Texans who love the sand and surf.  South Padre Island is another coveted locale where dolphins and sea turtles abound.  Whether you want to rent a condo on the beach or stay awhile at a beachfront hotel, you can take in a short or long balmy vacation to get away from it all, and never leave the state!

Texas has so much to offer,  and living in the Lone Star State means living LARGE!  

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