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Why People Are Buying Homes in DFW

Why People Are Buying Homes in DFW

July 30, 2019

For those who live within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, life is good—VERY good!  DFW is the 4th-largest metropolitan area in America, and it remains the economic and cultural hub within all of North Texas.  

One can enjoy an 'all-you-can-eat' variety of cultural and recreational activities that cater to every age group and personal preference.  In addition, the DFW area enjoys a very healthy real-estate market, indicative of the thriving, local economy. 

DFW’s Economy is Booming 

The United States Department of Commerce calculates what is called the ‘GMP’ – Gross Metropolitan Product – of metro areas throughout the US, on a yearly basis.  The GMP measures the size and health of a metro area’s economy.  The forecasted GMP for the US for 2019 put DFW 4th in the US, preceded by #1 New York, #2 LA, and #3 Chicago, with a total of 100 leading metro areas being compared.

Business Insider tells us that there are 12 American cities that rank among the 50 biggest economies in the world.  Of those 12 US cities, Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington takes 6th place!   Yes, business is thriving, here, whether it is small, independently-owned shops or whether it is mega-industries such as Texas Instruments, American Airlines, and Nokia, to name only a few!

Local economists, business leaders and government officials share unanimous feelings of pushing DFW to new economic heights.   With jobs and population always on the rise, real-estate activity is flourishing.  Homeowners in DFW enjoy the economic stability of the region that allows homes to maintain strong equity growth.

DFW’s Travel Options Are Impressive

Whether DFW residents desire international travel or local transport, the options for mobility are many.  The 6nd largest airport in the country—The Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport—is perfectly situated between Dallas and Fort Worth where tens of millions of passengers walk through her terminals every year.  Then, there is Dallas Love Field Airport located on the northwest side of Dallas—7 miles from the downtown central business district.  This popular, amenity-equipped airport serves commercial airlines and corporate flights and accommodates seven million travelers, annually. 

DFW residents enjoy the efficiency and incredible ease of commuting to work, entertainment venues, sports activities, shopping districts and educational facilities via the Dallas Area Rapid Transit rail line. 

Twelve other cities in North Texas are served by this efficient mode of transportation, also.  Whether your plan is to reach the court house, the zoo, the airport, or a host of other destinations, the DART rail line makes it easy!   Through DART Rail, Trinity Railway Express, and bus services, more than 220,000 passengers, every day, get where they need to be. 

AMTRAK is another transportation option which operates daily on a route from Chicago to Austin to San Antonio.  For those who may need to trek to New Orleans, Houston, El Paso, Phoenix or Los Angeles, AMTRAK in this area offers connections to those locations, as well.

The ease of travel within/to/from the DFW Metroplex just couldn’t be any easier.  Buses, light rail, and commuter rail allow travel options that are fast, comfortable and economical.

DFW Is a Sports-Lover’s Dream

DFW has a team to cater to each of the four major professional sports leagues – a sports-lover's dream:  1) FOOTBALL –  the Dallas Cowboys 2) BASEBALL – the Texas Rangers 3) BASKETBALL –  the Dallas Mavericks and 4) HOCKEY – the Dallas Stars.  These athletic giants draw in countless fans every year.  Additionally, DFW is home to a variety of minor-league professional teams.  In DFW, there is so much of a sports flavor in the air you can almost taste it! 

DFW Caters to Families

Buying a home in DFW and raising a family, here, could prove to be one of the best decisions one could possibly make.  Hundreds of parks cover many thousands of acres that offer fishing, boating, hiking, biking, picnicking, and bird-watching—and that is only the beginning!    

Here is only three activity options DFW families enjoy: 

1. The Perot Museum of Nature and Science

This fascinating learning complex is 5 stories high and offers almost 5 acres of wonderment for kids aged 2 to 92.  Eleven exhibit halls display dinosaurs, 3-D animated educational movies, human-body presentations and so much more.  Hands-on activities make learning come alive.  The Dallas Morning News calls the Perot Museum “A World of Wonder”. 

2. Six Flags Over Texas

Six Flags Over Texas is a world-class theme park spanning 212 acres, located between Dallas and Fort Worth.  It is dubbed, “Dallas-Fort Worth’s Biggest Attraction”.  More than 100 rides provide an adrenaline rush in addition to live shows, concerts, and foods of every type.  During cooler weather, families can savor sitting around fire pits where S’mores can be made and enjoyed in addition to hot-chocolate, apple cider and flavored coffees.

3. White Rock Lake

White Rock Lake covers more than 1,000 acres and is known for its visiting seagulls that love to congregate in the northeast corner.   Also, herons, pelicans and a host other bird species are so prominent in this gorgeous locale they have, unwittingly, created bird-watching that has become famous, here.  Bridges, strategic lighting, lovely landscaping and beautiful hiking trails inundate this serene oasis.  The amenities don’t stop there, however – a large marina provides sailboats, paddle-boats and kayaks for rent, in addition to fishing, feeding ducks & geese, and so much more!

Stability, quality of life, beauty and diversity is what DFW is all about!   

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